Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winslow's - City Market

Westy, Ashley, Gunnar and I hit Winslow's one night when Mark had to work a double shift at his P.O.S. job. I had never been here, so I was excited.

We ordered the wings to start and they were really peppery and not so yummy. I ordered the burnt ends sandwich and it was anything but burnt...
This sandwich was gristly (sp?) and had more fat than meat. It was so yucky I sent it back. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich instead which was pretty good. The sauce was damn good; vinegar-y and pepper-y and delicious. The sweet potato fries were too sweet for me (they add sugar and cinnamon: unnecessary).

Ashley ordered a turkey sandwich. Instead of being turkey meat, it was turkey loaf like from a school cafeteria.

John's 3-Meat sandwich was good for him and his palate (which I sometimes doubt). John, Gunnar and Ashley liked the fries. None of us liked the beans. Gunnar liked the potato salad but Ashley said it was sweet and gross.

In all, Winslow's is decent and the service is good. I would eat the sauce and the pulled pork again but I would steer clear of the burnt ends, sweet potato fries, and beans.