Saturday, September 25, 2010

Oklahoma Joe's BBQ

I remember years ago, way back before I was married, way back 2 or 3 roommates ago... a magical BBQ place opened up in my neighborhood.  OK, it wasn't so much magical as it was just kind of odd.  I never really expected a tiny BBQ place inside a convenience store to last.  But it did, and over the years it changed into something I don't really quite recognize anymore.  It used to be that you could go into Oklahoma Joe's during the peak of a normal dinner rush and not really have to even deal with a line.  But something happened, and the restaurant I used to love became inapproachable.  You couldn't even get near the place without a series of frustrations.  No place to park.  No place to sit.  No way am I standing in that line.

It seemed to hit an almost absurd level over this summer where the line would stretch out well past the front doors, and all the way to the sidewalk across the parking lot.  Even on 100 degree days.  Nothing would stop people from going here.  But it stopped me.  

I know, I know... I hear people say it all of the time:  "just call in your order.  You can cut right to the front of the line!".  Yeah, that just doesn't cut it for me, because their system is broken.  Here's why:

When you call in your order, they don't put the order in any queue.  They just write the order on a bag, tell you to wait 20 or 30 minutes, then when you show up THEN they start making it.  Sure, that has it's benefits, but the problem that I have is that a lot of people have caught on to this 'trick' and it's fucking chaos at the register.  The line is packed in tight.  There are usually 4 or 5 other people waiting on their carryout order to be made, right next to the soda machine giving you absolutely no place to stand where you're not right in every one's way.  People are trying to take tray after tray after tray of food from the register, and there you are, just standing there, packed in like animals with no place to go.  It sucks.

And about that line; why does it always stretch straight out into the parking lot impeding cars trying to drive through, cars trying to get gas at the gas pumps, and cars trying to park?  Why don't they encourage the line to go down the sidewalk of the building?  And why do people always form a line straight out into the parking lot?  I'm convinced that at the rate of growth the line has experienced in the last two years, I expect that come next summer the line won't just go to the sidewalk; it'll go straight out into the street.  People in lines are just that dumb.

So, this isn't a review of their food.  Chances are you've had it before, anyway.  I will say this:  I like it.  Is it the best in town?  No.  Is it pretty damned good?  Yes.  Will I wait for 10 minutes to get it?  Doubtful.  Will I wait in that line when it stretches into the parking lot?  You've got to be fucking kidding me.

3002 w 47th ave
Kansas City, KS 66103
(913) 722-3366


  1. The reason why that dumb line extends straight out like that is because Kansas Citians are in general complete fucking morons. It's the only reasonable explanation for why people go here instead of the much much better Woodyard BBQ a mere 5 minutes away.

    The other proof that KC'ians have ZERO CLUE what good BBQ is is that everyone who claims that OK Joe's is the best are invariably the same retards who say the "Z-Man" is the BEST sandwich. Sorry, dipshits: If it's got CHEEZE on it, it's not BBQ.