Monday, October 25, 2010

Big Q Barbecue

Well, this place was a pleasant little surprise.  Pulling up to the place, I realized that I HAD actually been here before, but it was many years ago and I couldn't really remember what it was like.  It's tucked away in a quiet KCK neighborhood at 34th and Steele, so most people wouldn't know about it unless they lived in the area.  
It's a pretty modest dining room with huge atrium windows lining the front of the building.  It was a very quiet Monday night when we showed up, but the service was quick and friendly and the food did pretty well.

They had an interesting option on the appetizer menu for Pork Buffalo Wings.  I had to try that, but unfortunately the waitress misunderstood my order and thought that I DIDN'T want them.  She doesn't know me.  Oh well, maybe next time I'll try that out.
Mark got the potato skins appetizer, and they put some good burnt ends on top but finished them with some crappy american slices.  I would have gone with cheddar.  Even though it doesn't melt very well, it would have at least had some better flavor.

They don't have pulled pork, only sliced.  And the night we went they were out, so I stuck with the basic brisket.  It was really well cooked, and the flavor was good although it could use some more rub and smoke flavor.  I ordered a single rib to try, and it was probably good enough to try a slab if I ever got the hankering.
Mark's burnt ends were pretty damned good, and I liked the thick cut fries.
All in all, it was a pretty nice little place in an out of the way neighborhood.  As a side note, I noticed a whole lot of trophies when I walked in.  As I was leaving I took a closer look and realized that they weren't for BBQ competitions.  They were for softball.  So don't be fooled.  

Big Q Barbecue2117 s 34th st, Kansas City, KS(913) 362-6980 

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